Benefits of OEM Parts


Benefits of OEM Parts

If you need a part replaced on your vehicle, buying OEM equipment is the way to go. The acronym OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which essentially means the part is made by the same company who made your car, rather than buying a part that's made by a third party company. OEM parts have a lot of benefits that definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

For one thing, OEM parts are guaranteed to be high-quality. While aftermarket parts vary greatly in quality and it's very difficult to find one you can trust, you already know that OEM parts have gone through rigorous testing by the manufacturer in order to perform as well as possible.

Plus, you can't beat the fact that OEM parts are specifically designed for your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are generic and usually fit multiple vehicles, while OEM parts fit a vehicle's exact specifications. This means they perform better and last longer, so the supposed higher price of OEM parts is evened out by their longer lifespan.

OEM parts are also preferable for the support system they come with. While aftermarket parts may or may not have available warranties, OEM parts almost always do, and dealership technicians will stand by their work if a part fails within the warranty period. It's much easier to get a replacement covered by a warranty with an OEM part than with an aftermarket part.

Getting repairs at your dealership and using OEM parts is the best way to guarantee your vehicle is properly taken care of and you're getting your money's worth. At Royal Moore Nissan, our trained technicians know every Nissan vehicle inside and out thanks to ongoing specialized training in our Service and Parts department. You can't get peace of mind using generic parts or going to a corner mechanic.