Eco-Friendly Cars


Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles


Since the introduction of cars like hybrids and all-electric vehicles, people are steadily becoming more aware of greener, cleaner alternatives to a traditional gas engine, especially as eco-friendly vehicles become more appealing to a widespread consumer base instead of their former status as cars that appeal to a niche crowd. However, there are many different kinds of environmentally-friendly vehicles.


Low-Emission Vehicles


These types of cars still run on gas, but are engineered to produce significantly fewer emissions than the average car. Nissan's Japan-exclusive Bluebird Sylphy managed to produce 75% less emissions than levels from the 2005 Japanese exhaust emission standards.




Possibly the most common type of "green" car, hybrids operate using a powertrain that combines a traditional gas engine with an electric motor, allowing the vehicle to go further using less gasoline. An example of this is the Nissan Altima Hybrid, which gets the same mileage as a compact car despite being a larger sedan.


Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles


No cars yet exist on the market in this category, but research suggests that they produce fewer emissions than even diesel fuel vehicles. Nissan is continuing research into this category.


Fuel Cell Vehicle


Commonly believed to be the future of green cars, FCVs generate electricity through a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen, with the only emission being water.

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